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Back off, sparky!

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Disabled people snark about life as a gimp
This isn't a support forum. Nope, this is a place for people with chronic health problems to bitch about people who refuse to "get it," or annoying doctors, insurance company snafus, disability claims, inaccessible places, etc. The posts should be specifically about crap we get because of our illnesses.

Cattiness is extremely important - if you just want to bitch without style, there are other places to do it. Whining is not snarking.

The following is swiped from the community info for dot_cattiness (which inspired creation of this community), which a couple of minor elisions:

Notice something? People post bitchy--perhaps one might even say "catty"--rants (hopefully, amusingly rants, but amusing is in the eye of the beholder)…

So. If you think that you can't deal with that sort of community, keep on moving. If you find that sort of cattiness refreshing and uplifting in its own twisted fashion, come on in.

…"If you are going to dish it, be prepared to take it in return."

Personal attacks aren't acceptable here. Snark on the snark, but not the snarker. If you bitch about somebody's physical appearance, lifestyle, etc., the mods reserve the right to delete your comment or post, and ban you if you're well and truly asinine. No notice required, because this isn't a democracy.

Recent events make it clear that the prior paragraph just isn't clear enough, so: LEAVE THE BIGOTRY ELSEWHERE, BITCHES! And no, being "triggered" or whatever is not a don't-get-banned-or-deleted pass. If you hang out here, we assume you're an adult, or that you at least play one on the internet.

For the totally clueless: This is NOT the place to bitch about disabled people. Yeah, even if you're a gimp. You don't think somebody deserves that parking permit or should be taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Take it elsewhere.

If you just want a place to complain about illness-related issues without the cattiness, try ouchygrumpy. deuce_low and no_pity may be appropriate places as well, though I'm not sure about that. gimp_vent was created for venting.

Please observe the following guidelines:
1) Stay on topic.
2) Do not post advertisements or announcements here. At all. Ever. No, you can't get approval. This ain't the place. Go away.
3) Put long posts behind a cut tag. Two paragraphs is a good guideline. If someone has to scroll to read your post, it should be cut tagged. If you post a graphic, it MUST be behind a cut tag. If I see posts without cut tags that should have had them, I'll delete them (because LJ won't let me edit them - the poster can, however, edit her own post.)
4) DO NOT use non-standard fonts, colors, etc. when posting to this community. It makes the posts very difficult for many of us to read. If you use a blink tag or a scrolling marquee or the like, you'll be banned with no warning at all.
5) Don't screen comments. I don't have time to deal with unscreening them. First offense, I'll delete your entry. Second, you're banned.
6) If you post in any language other than English, include an English translation IN THE SAME POST. The moderator is monolingual. Deal.
7) Don't post articles here. If you post a link to an article elsewhere, you'd best post a snark with it.
8) The community is run as a (fairly benign) dictatorship. If the owner/mods decide that a post is inappropriate, we may give the author a chance to change/remove it - or we may just delete it. Yep, the word is dictatorship. Suck it up and deal with it.

If we remember you as having been particularly annoying elsewhere, we may ban you here, whether you've already caused trouble here or not.

If you're trying to join with an ID that's just been created, has no friends, no posts, no comments - you aren't getting in, because you look like a troll. We do look at your user info for some sign of why you'd want to join - something about a disability, illness, infirmity, whatever. Loving the snark isn't enough. You don't want to put that kind of thing in your profile? No problem. Send a note to teal_cuttlefish via LJ (that "send user a message" link) and give her a brief explanation as to why you want to join. Easy peasy. The information will stay confidential.

NOTE: technomom is taking a break. teal_cuttlefish is the mod who has the least insane life offline right now, and therefore is online the most at the moment, so writing her about community issues will get a faster response than writing to technomom.